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Each client is our boss, and we work hard to provide the best value for the money.



Responsibility As a company, we hold ourselves to the highest level of responsibility.



We believe in the principle of mutual respect, and treat our clients with the best of care.

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We use our time and resources effectively to maximize the value of every minute and of every dollar.



While adhering to the highest of industry standards, we have the creativity and freedom to think outside of the box – delivering better quality of services to our clients with every trip.




Arko has the storage space you need to make your logistical needs easy and hands-free

Dry Goods Transportation

Always on schedule, your goods will be transported in excellently-maintained equipment

Climate Controlled Transportation

No matter the temperature needs of your product, we have the equipment needed to transport your goods in the perfect environment

Expedited Service

Safely and professionally, we’ll make sure to get your equipment there on time, even if it’s a rush delivery


Not your everyday trucking company!!! They handle drivers and issues much differently than what you’re expected to…dispatch and owners are sympathetic and will help a driver out with all of my specific needs and requests …they made me feel valued and appreciated not just another body in one of their trucks.

I have worked at Arko Exchange for 3 years doing accounting and payroll. I have seen first-hand how much motivated drivers have earn. If you are a serious professional truck driver do yourself a favor and check out Arko Exchange LLC. Newer equipment, health insurance,
W-2 & Per Diem or 1099 options. Experienced dispatchers and owners with the same goal as you, to achieve the most income available for the company and drivers. $100 bonus for no violation DOT inspections and $100 driver referral bonus are available

If you’re a real truck driver this company is for you. They keep my wheels turning even with E- Logs I’m running 2500-3000 miles a week consistently. I get home time when I ask for it usually 2 days off after 2 weeks. I’ve had 2 weeks’ vacation pay this year. I’ve never sat in a truck older than a 2016 and trailers never 3 years old. My dispatchers go above and beyond and try to tailor the way i like to run and where i want to go

Good Place to work, if you really want to work and make money?!! This is the place, good equipment good miles, If you are the type of drivers who just want to be seating in the truck stops or casinos this is definitely not for you.